If the glove fits

While gloves serve their purpose, proper hand washing is highly effective so we recommend no gloves during the first round of cleaning. They can create a false sense of security and can in turn create more contamination scenarios. When wearing gloves you must thoroughly wash your hands before putting them on and after taking them off.  They must be disposed of immediately after use. If you would like to wear gloves during the 'cleaning round' we can accommodate but please let us know as there is extra information and guidelines around this. 


Gloves will be mandatory for the sanitization round as the alcohol content is higher and can be really hard on your hands. They must also be changed after any contact with your face or possibility of contamination.


Here is a video that talks about removing gloves. It is meant for medical type situations so feel free to watch the full 2.5 minutes or you can skip to the 1 minute 16 second mark.  That is when they show you how to properly remove them. 

Your PPE Team

Here you will find all the different ways to keep yourself safe and when and why to use them.


For Speaking Moistly

We are using homemade reusable masks. They are made with a cotton material.  The biggest reason for these is to help prevent us from touching our faces unconsciously. A new mask must be worn for each home and must be washed after each use.  


This video is super cheesy... but gets to the point quickly and simply.  We are using reusable masks so obviously the part where she takes hers off and disposes of it in a garbage will be replaced by taking it off and placing it in our 'to launder bag' or a separate bag/container.


Tame the Mane

Safety glasses?  What are your thoughts on eye protection? I personally don't want to wear them as they fog up and can slip down causing the need to touch them to bump them back up.  However if you would like to use them please let us know and we can source some out!


Another aspect to consider is HAIR. I know that a big part of my 'face touching/swiping while I clean is because of my hair.  Especially when sweat becomes a factor.  So if wearing a hat or a head band will help in this area, please consider wearing one.


Happy Birthday to you...

Why hand washing works.  Follow this link to see why good ol' regular soap is our best friend.


We will be supplying you with hand sanitizer in your kit.  As well as soap for washing.  You must wash for 20 seconds and be sure to scrub every surface.  Sing Happy Birthday twice or another song you like that is at least 20 seconds or simply Mississippi your way to 20.  Whatever works for you!  This video will demonstrate how to properly wash your hands so that you are getting to every surface and crevice. Washing your hands is important, washing them properly is the key! We also HIGHLY recommend that you keep your nails short.  Underneath your nails can be a favourite spot for things to hide… To get a proper clean every time it’s best to take longer nails out of the equation.


Keep it safe. Keep it Comfy.

Indoor shoes will now be mandatory. 


Outdoor shoes will be left outside the entry point to the home.  Indoor shoes are to be put on immediately after entering.  


As you are preparing to leave, your indoor shoes are to be sanitized and placed in your drawstring bag that we will also provide.  This will ensure that there is no cross contamination between homes.


The shoes will also help with 'slip factor' and is overall better for your feet when you are on them all day so not a bad thing at all!  Please ensure that these shoes are only used while cleaning.  


Taking care of business AND all your stuff!

  • Washing Cloths

    Coloured and white microfibre cloths can still be effectively washed in just your washing machine with hot water and unscented laundry soap.  


    When adding cloths to your washing machine, be sure to dispose of your bag immediately after and to wash your hands using proper hand washing technique.

  • Washing clothes & shoe bags

    We suggest changing out of your clothes and placing them in the wash or laundry basket once you get home. 


    You should also wash your shoe bag every time you wash your cloths. It can be washed normally with your cloths or other laundry

  • Masks

    Masks must be washed after each use! Below are some of the suggestions and here is a great link with a video and article on the different ways to go about it. 


    Examples of suggested washing care:


    - Washing machine with other clothes works.  Hot water and laundry soap.


    - Hand wash/scrub in sink with warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds.  Getting to every part and then dry in dryer.


    - Hand wash/scrub in sink with warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds.  Getting to every part.  Hang to dry and then iron.


    - Boil in hot water for at least 5 mins.


    - They do not recommend the microwave or dishwasher!