From our homes to yours.

Cleaning done right

What is in our kit?

No toilet brush (I’m sure no one will miss this)

**New formula 1 - 2 Bottles for all-purpose

Shower Cleaner

**New Wipes

New thin white microfibre cloths are for sanitizing. You will need about 10-15 of these per house. These can be washed with your regular microfibre cloths but must be kept in a separate container for sanitizing with our new 70% alcohol ratio for sanitizing. Once cloths are used ONCE they are to be put in the dirty bag to be cleaned. These are always used on a one-and-done basis.

  1. White sanitizing microfibre cloths
  2. Container to keep them
  3. Alcohol mixture 70% (9oz alc:7oz water in the 16oz bottle)

**New 1 Bottle for floor cleaner

This is going to be our new all purpose as well. 1/4 strip of TruEarth in a spray bottle with some essential oil. It has worked AMAZING on all floors tested so far but, just like always, if you are noticing any reluctance from the floors, hot water is always a great go-to! 


  1. Marked spray bottle
  2. 1/4 Strip
  3. Essential oil

Magic Erasers - cut in half

Long Swiffer **New Note**

(Important to only use this for high touch points and low baseboards) Use only one per house if possible. New experiments have shown that we can wash these which is exciting as they are one of the most expensive things in our kit coming out twice as expensive as our cloths (crazy). We do not want to use them at one house and then continue on to the next so once used once, they can go into the cloth bag to be washed for the next day. A couple washes is probably all they can handle so if they are dirty or losing their lust, please feel free to throw them away. As always, wet dusting must be done whenever possible.

  1. ​Long swiffer
  2. Swiffer refills (one-and-done, wash)

Disposable Gloves

You will need these for the sanitization round to protect your hands from drying out. The higher concentrate will be very drying and we don't want your hands to be bothered long term.  They are optional for the cleaning round. Washing your hands is efficient and effective if done properly.

Mask & Tupperware to keep it clean

Lathered will provide you with a 2 - 3 masks so you can always have a fresh mask on. If you are anything like me, I like to keep my mask as clean as I can. It is going back on... my mouth... That says a lot and I want to feel good about it. I like to keep a tupperware with me.  Watch the video of Kristin below to see how to slide it on and off!

Keep in clean!

Quick way to take off your mask and keep it clean.