Entering a house.

The more things change, the more things stay the same. That saying has never made a whole lot of sense to me until now. We have made a few infographics as to how we will be entering, moving through and leaving a home. Along with all of that, we think it is important to reiterate why we clean the way we do to begin with. We have an amazing base! Let's use it! 

Be in the know!

These helpful infographics highlight important changes and things to remember!

Want to keep them handy?  Download them too!

The PEWW Factor

Here are the simple but important steps to follow when entering a client's home.

Peww peww! 

Touch Points

Here is a list of what to touch on while sanitizing!

Clean then Sanitize!

Here are some things to remember while cleaning. What is a dwell time? One and done!

Did you Know?

Here are some great facts and some things you can't forget!


Learn the proper steps to follow when leaving a client's home. It covers what to do when you return home too!


ways to move

Through a house and through a house safely. 

Let's trial and error this until it's perfect. Keep us in the loop!

How we clean, then sanitize

While I wish there was a straight forward "this is the way it always will be" answer.  We all know that each house can be different. The most important thing for you to know is WHY they are doing 'the things' so that you can use your best judgement as to what works best in each situation. And remember...KISS. Keep It Simple Silly!


If clients are home while you are there a

*Level by Level* 

approach may work best.  If they are gone from the home you can use the

*Complete Clean and Complete Sanitize method*


What I will stress either way is that you will need to slow down at times and assess the situation. Safety is more important than timing. Always be conscious of what you are doing and WHY you are doing it.

Level by Level



Clean Upstairs: This means our regular cleaning with all-purpose and floor cleaner.  As always we move left to right and top to bottom.  Here is the optimal route:

Start by washing your hands. Master bath. Wash hands. Main bath. Wash hands. Bedrooms and common areas (bonus room, hallway, etc.)  now Vacuum/mop.  

If you are working in a team you can still work through the home in an A/B way just make sure proper hand washing techniques are followed when necessary.

Sanitize Upstairs: Using the Touch Points List, we will follow our clean with our white microfibre cloths and 70% alcohol mix. Touch points are just that.  Anywhere that would commonly be touched. For this round you will require gloves as the high concentration of alcohol will be harsh on your hands.

Wash hands. Glove up. Sanitize (in reverse). Common areas, bedrooms, main and master baths.  Dispose of gloves and wash hands.

Sparkle and Shine: Now that your sanitizer has had the time to dwell (30 seconds or more) and air dry, we do need to go back through quickly (with clean hands and 'buff/shine' any streaks. Check for any shiny surfaces that may have streaked due to the amount of liquid needed to sanitize. 

Clean Main Level:

(If starting here and not upstairs wash hands) Kitchen. Half bath. Wash hands. Common areas (entry ways, living room, hallways, etc.). Vacuum and mop. 

Sanitize Main Level:

Wash Hands. Glove up. Sanitize common areas. Kitchen. Half bath. Dispose of gloves. Wash hands.

Sparkle and Shine: Again go through and check sanitized check points for streaks.

Clean Basement: if applicable 

(If starting here and not on a higher level wash hands) Bathroom. Wash hands. Common areas (bedroom, living room etc.). Vacuum/mop.   

Sanitize Basement: if applicable

Wash Hands. Glove up.  Sanitize common areas. Bathroom.  Dispose of gloves and wash hands.

Sparkle and Shine: You get it by now ;)



Complete Clean & Complete Sanitize Method



We would still keep the order of things, just do the entire clean and then entire sanitize followed by entire sparkle and shine.